Oh no!

A blank page stared up at her face or was she staring down at the blank page of her diary.  It was already eight ‘clock and there was nothing written down. She took her work diary out of her briefcase and lo and behold, it was empty of appointments.  Had her secretary forgotten what a busy day is was going to be?

All this thinking and wondering had taken up a good hour.  She hadn’t bathed or had her breakfast when she answered the intercom.  The concierge’s voice echoed “Miss Godfrey, your car has arrived.”  For a moment she didn’t know what to say.  She heard  voice again, “Are you alright, shall I ask the chauffeur to wait?”

“Yes, yes, do that Charlie” Miss Godfrey spoke at last then headed for the shower. She is never late, good time management is one thing she lectures everyone about, so what is happening today?  Why should dependency on a diary be so great that she seem not to be functioning?

When she got to the office, a strange thing happened.  Everyone clapped as if she had been promoted or won the lottery.  She stood there totally perplexed.  Someone brought out a sash and draped it around her, she obliged too without any fuss. This is so out of character for her.  She looked at the sash and it had, ‘Miss Spontaneous’

“Oh no” she said loudly.  “Oh yes” came the reply from her co-workers.  She actually meant that, she had forgotten the day she herself suggested for everyone to do something spontaneous.  Well, she had unintentionally done it. but it wasn’t what she would have planned.

Best relationships, results or productivity comes from, for example, parents and children, bosses and employees who practice beneficence.

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