The Hospital Orderly


He is a man about seventy years of age, tall with a slim gait.  It is his lovely welcoming smile that captivates all those who come to the hospital.  People often say that, just his presence makes them feel relaxed and  better.

He makes sure the whole place is neat and clean, for his age he is very agile and quick, going up and down the stairs doing his chores.   The children call him Mr Orderly because when they are bored and fidgety, he always has colouring books and pencils to bring their attention on to something other than crying or tantrums.

Generations of families know him, so when he did not turn up one day everyone became anxious, and the frequent knocking on the secretary’s door by enquirers of all ages exemplified how much he is loved and appreciated.

Good deeds never go unoticed


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