Grains of Maize

It was only yesterday, that a junior school student was reflecting on what his group had worked on at school.  For the subject of Growth, Development and Environment, they were given  a pot plant of maize that had been sown from a single seed of grain.  He proceeded to tell me, maize is commonly known as corn and there are only six kinds now left in the world when there used to be 307 varieties a century ago.  It is mainly grown in United States of America.  Each child drew the maize plant in their book and labelled the parts.

I was given both facts I knew and did not know.  Of course we all know about the many varieties of corn or maize food products.  Hmm yum-yum.  Then there is its food additive role, its uses as ethanol.  What knocked me for six was finding out, that plastics  named polylactic acid  (PLA) plastic were being made from corn. The aim is get us all in the world away from the type of plastic that’s clogging the land, sea, rivers, pipelines etc. and to bring in biodegradable products.

I was very impressed at the fact that, they were being taught to care for the earth, for children are our future.


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