A long journey to meet a Buddy


It was a long train journey but being three years old, I didn’t feel the fatigue or the boredom much. How did my mother entertain me?  All I can really remember was eating, drinking and watching people, mostly travellers like us or traders with huge baskets of peppercorns, oranges, pineapples, banana, yams, plantain, spinach and many other wonderful foods with their bright fresh colours. Or watching the vast vast green vegetation of savannah and then of forest rolling by.

On finally arriving in this Eastern region town, we were met with joyous greetings and laughter.  I remembered names not faces but as I grew older and met them again, I put faces to the names of this large family .

Soon the time to go back to Accra came and I was going to miss running after the ducks , dogs, guinea fowls and  pigeons.  What I hadn’t reckoned on was that, apart from the big parcel of food and gifts being packed for us to take, I was in for a surprise too.  I was given a my own personal gifts.

We went back to Accra and I continued to joyfully run after my  pair of ducks, pair of pigeons, pair of guinea fowls and my Buddy I named Love who followed me everywhere.  His short smooth coat was black and white, a cute puppy I loved to play and run around the large compound with.  The excitement of all the children of the families sharing the apartment block must have overwhelmed him, but he didn’t show it and joined in our play, barking and wagging his tail.  It was worth it going all the way to bring back such a wonderful experience and to share it too.

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