Sacrifice (a response to the prompt)


When I challenged myself to write a daily posting for a year, I assumed my enthusiasm would make the focus, the flow and the form of what I write easy and my target reachable.

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! (picture me punching the air) I found my voice again.  However, the thought of having to sacrifice to make it happen didn’t come into it.   Ideas for the posting were never in short supply, but putting the writing off to the evening or end of the day, hmm, was not the best.  When unexpected demands took my time, it became not impossible but very hard and the sacrificing of ideas, time and sleep crept in.

Recently, I noticed that prompts was being  given for a Daily Blog and it occurred to me, that  being part of this group could be a way to enjoy the writing of other bloggers.  So, what if  I sacrifice a title and go with one chosen for me.  I can still intricately weave my idea into it.  So, this morning the idea of ‘Greetings’ came to mind, later in the day I saw the prompt, ‘Sacrifice’ and decided to go for it.

It’s about how we greet each other in different cultures and how for the sake of saving time or saving ourselves the embarrassment of not knowing the ways of our own culture thoroughly, we shorten or change aspects of it.  This has happened many times, when  I was on holidays in Ghana, upon agreement with the elders   Just to give you a snippet of the long version of a greeting.  After welcoming a visitor(s) at one’s door, inviting and letting him/her/them in, this is followed by offering a seat then water to drink.  The family gather to seat with the visitor(s), a spokesperson from each group offers an introduction, the home group about living in a peaceful existence and the visitor(s)  come good tidings or whatever their reason is.  A series of  greetings is commenced with enquiries about the welfare of the home, the children, parents, grandparents and other relatives. The visitors are asked about their place of abode, journey, family members, friends, work  and plans.

Change is good, it should be for the purpose of improvement.  Out of curiosity I looked up how people in other cultures greet each other.  You should look at it sometime, it’s very interesting.


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