The talk and thoughts of holidays

Yeah! Today the talk of holidays is abounding in my family more than before, although it has been brewing for sometime now. What is it about today that makes it special?  Well, the sun shone with a hint of summer.  And the TV shows, the various Blogs and Vlogs are full of such beautiful scenes and scenery that I am reminded of why I wanted to travel the world, a bit at a time.

I made a start with a coach tour in the 1970s and went to a number of Western European and a couple of Eastern European countries, apart from that I visited family living in different countries on the Continent.  Later on, I also started taking my children on holidays like my mother did for me. Which country or city did I like best?  Oh, choosing a country from Spain in the West to Poland in the East, that’s a difficult one because I loved seeing all of them and experiencing their culture and heritage.

Is going on holidays easier to do when younger?  Of course, not totally! But for all sorts of reasons, which some of you folks might have experienced too, it can become a little bit harder when we are older and when responsibilities build up. All hope is not lost though, holidays are a harvest of seeds of hope, plans and hard work.

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