The basket of fruits and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables are a favourite of mine.  I suppose I am making up for loss time and enjoying them.  Believe me, there was a time when only Granny Smiths apples saved the day and passed my lips and stayed in my system.  It was the only thing that should be eaten raw that I could eat.  I have since found out, that, there are quite a number of people who don’t eat fruit and vegetables too.  This is because they either don’t like it or there is a food  allergy or intolerance issue.  If you’re wondering what happened, in my case I could eat a wide variety of fruit and vegetables when I was much younger.  Then in my teenage and adult years things changed.  Just by a scent or a taste of it, I could and still can tell whether it would make me feel nauseous or not.    In order not to deny myself of these delicious foods, I made sure I steamed, stewed and in the case of some vegetables, pickled  them and with salads foods, marinade them in a  salad dressing.  With the popularity  and availability of canned and dried fruits and fruit juices, this problem is much easier to cope with and I can get my vitamins and minerals from 5 A Day.   However, I didn’t stop tasting and testing these foods, I persevered until the problem started resolving itself.  Memories of picking a ripe mango or orange in the tropics or spending a summer afternoon getting strawberries at an English ‘Pick your own Farm’ was too good to miss.

It’s quite amazing, how over the last few years so many children, men and women can be found grappling with this issue of inability to eat fruits and vegetables .  Some do totally leave out fruit and vegetables from their diet, therefore a big part of their dietary needs, the vitamins and minerals are neglected, which is not good.    What can be done to help them get their 5 A Day, especially when they don’t appear to be concerned.

Whatever age the person is and especially if it is a youth or a pregnant woman say how important vitamins and minerals are for their health.  You’re sure to hear “Oh, I know that.”  Follow it up with your gift of baskets of fruits and vegetables and in other variations such as fruit juices and smoothies. So, whether it’s fresh, canned or used in a dish, they will be grateful and gradually start to include these foods in their diet.  Bon Appetit.











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