At 93 years old,my Grandma was packed and ready to travel to England

My Grandma was packed and ready to travel to England to help me with her  new great granddaughter.  That’s how the family found her early one morning and she was 93 years old at the time.  My mother could not come this time.  As far as she was concerned, the arrangements for my sister to come was taking too long for her liking.  Having been involved in taking care of mothers and their newborn, doing nothing was unusual and unbearable especially when health issues was playing a part in delaying recovery.  Once she was reassured all was in hand, she relaxed.

Invaluable is the help given by many female family members, friends or sometimes it’s the male like the father who cooked the traditional Japanese soups and foods for his daughter to regain her strength.

From my observation of families when I was a midwife or when I watched ‘Five Star Babies: In the Portland Hospital ‘ programme and when I’m out and about, I see these mother’s helpers, without whom the mother’s coping mechanisms would not be easily and quickly established.  And when their work is done, they can’t wait to go to their own homes, whether it is near or far.

What’s your experience? Share it.


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