Folks, enjoy the rest of my poem.  Thanks for coming back to read it.


‘Fear’  (continued from yesterday)

When I was much older, fear gripped me in the day

As I passed many a bully.

So is it my fault that they can be found everywhere.

Whatever your answer is

Fear gripped me in the day.


Can you imagine what life must be like?

Why fear gripped me all the time.

That it paralysed my very soul and being,

That if love searched for me, it would not find me.

But Jesus found me and I found His Word.


Then I knew I was special,

I have a personal Saviour.

I don’t mean a personal bodyguard,

He is much more than that.

He’s full of the grace that chases fear away,

So that my joy  and light can shine through.


Before that can happen

I am allowing my joy and light to heal me.

Are you at that stage too?

Taking one step at a time,

Like a baby learning to walk.

Then stand and say “treat me right, I am somebody”.




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