Waving the flags Happy Birthday Ma’am

Well, it appears that yesterday’s theme of travelling has conveniently manoeuvred itself into today’s post. When I turned on the TV, it was about birthday greetings to the Queen.  Happy Birthday Ma’am.  It started off memories of the time I was seven years old and the Queen travelled from England on a State visit to Ghana.  I think I’ve got this memory right.  You know, that feeling, was it really her?  Anyhow, it was exciting for my classmates and I.  Standing at one of the best spots, we saw her, smiling and waving as she was driven past.  The motorcade came from the Airport on its way to the Osu (Christianborg) Castle.

With a Ghana flag in one hand and a Union Jack in the other, we waved them vigorously, shouting our welcome.  Our teachers had picked a roadside spot not too far from where I lived, so I only had to go through the next door neighbour’s to get there.  After all the planning it all happened very quickly and it was over but not the memories we would carry with us for years.  Since we could go home and take the rest of the day off, mine was just a short walk home.

The elation I was feeling about this amazing event and with the noise of the crowd, I hardly noticed that my cousin wanted my attention there and it nearly got me into trouble.  Why should something so trivial spoil the experience?  I was defiant that it wouldn’t.  Isn’t it just how life goes, learning as we go along.







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