For the ‘Five Star Babies’

Did you watch the BBC 2 programme ‘Five Star Babies: Inside the Portland Hospital’ last night?


Which part interested you most and what did you think about it?  We all know it’s amazing what money can buy eh!  I am happy that all of those beautiful babies  and their mothers are well.  All of the Portland staff were there for the mother and baby and that’s what the family will remember most of all.

Eight days ago I started my ‘coldhandswarmheartsblog‘ with the first title ‘You were there’ on how, now and again I come face to face with a mother whose baby I delivered.  They usually call me out saying ‘Nice one’.  It was only yesterday afternoon that I told my daughter I would put a daily post out on my blog for a year, a sort of memoir of a midwife and mother, sharing the wisdom gleaned from life and the diversity  of clients with a dashing healthy foods and current topics.   By evening, wow, what a topic to be handed to write about.  My way of thinking is, that if I have been able to keep a diary going for years    except for the odd interval and by adopting the mindset that I am writing to a pen pal like I used to many years ago, is it possible to do this?

In the luxurious setting of The Portland Hospital the the frills and thrills that make its’ name, are of the highest standards that are promised and delivered from the consultants, to midwives, to the hospitality staff.

In the NHS when a pregnant woman is due for delivery, safety is paramount too, oh yes,there is some excellent care given, which needs to be across the board and it’s just getting that midwife/all levels of staff to client ratio right, the food right and the cleanliness right.

I enjoyed the programme very much and would continue to watch the following episodes.  In my opinion the fees are very high, but there was a natural calm atmosphere in the place, which helped one woman whose anxiety and sadness could be felt so strongly, in the end she happily had the type of delivery she wanted and a healthy baby too in a pleasant environment.  I realise The Portland has its charging system and the clients have worked hard for their money and can  pay for the care.

But are they doing right by themselves or the baby? 

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