“You were there”

One of the changes life can bring is a newborn baby.  The privilege of being the midwife who was there at a birth, is memorable.  Don’t get me wrong because it’s very hard work as a student midwife has recently been finding out.  I am now retired but do I miss it?  Yes and No.  My cold hands always got a comment though, and my warm heart touched many hearts.

So back to my theme, walking through my local shopping centre I often hear “You were there, you must remember me but then you deliver so many babies” said the lady.  By now one child is pointed out to me, in the case of infants and pre-teens, sometimes we exchange smiles and I just know he or she is putting a face to the name their Mum has been talking about for years as all our Mums do.  Or I receive that look, which says hm-m-m Mum is embarrassing me again.

Do you know something?  It’s the babies that do the cutest thing ever and I love it.  They get all excited, gurgling, smiling and I feel they recognise my voice, I think that the baby may know or somehow recognise me.   When I get home, it’s the turn of my family to hear how I met one of the cuties I call ‘my honorary babies’.  The meeting brought a happy memory back into our lives.  The people who are at the birth of a child are the birth partner(s) we choose and the staff who come with our care.  The former we may see often, the latter may be hardly or not at all.  Sometimes, a little thank to God when we look at our children covers everyone who was there, whether you meet them again or not because they are a blessing one way or another.

What is your experience?  Feel free to comment.




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